Structural Engineering Exam: What Review Class Should You Pick?

The structural engineering exam is one of the hardest exams out there. With different disciplines tested on different days, it is hard to prepare for the entire course in a short amount of time. Which is why most professors and students will recommend review courses. However, there are so many different formats available that students can get confused about which type of course works well for them. Here is your guide to the type of courses available and which one you should pick.

structural engineer exam courseIn Class Review Course

In class review courses offer students a chance to interact with tutors. Studying with other like-minded students also creates an atmosphere that is conducive to studying. One on one interaction with the tutors is also beneficial for students who are learning new concepts. It makes understanding and asking questions much easier. Students can also solve problems and ask for solutions immediately. The in class review courses makes it easy to practice structural engineering exam questions.

On Demand Course

On demand review courses are extremely popular with students right now. The primary reason is that students can set their own schedule and pace for studying. The SE exam is quite difficult and requires a lot of focused preparation. The on demand course gives students access to review course notes, pre-recorded lectures, and a proper syllabus to keep them on track and SE exam study materials. The flexibility is a key reason in picking an on demand review course.

Live Online Course

A live online course is similar to attending an in person course. Just that you can access a live course from wherever you are. Students can tune into lectures as long as they have Internet access. Apart from notes, practice exams and access to SE exam study materials, students get a lot more benefits. They can talk to the instructor during a live lecture, attend office hours, and work on home assignments that receive grades from the instructor. The live online course is perfect for engineering students who prefer interactive courses but face obstacles when it comes to travelling.

Self Study

Self-study is always an option for students appearing for the SE exam. Online forums are a great way to begin your search for study materials with the most realistic structural engineering exam questions. Students can create their own schedule based around their other responsibilities. The NCEES handbook is extremely useful in making a list of topics that will be on the exam. For students who can motivate themselves to study, a review course is not necessary.

It does not matter what type of course you pick. Success in the SE exam is entirely dependent on how well you focus on your preparation.


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