5 Must Have Features of SE Exam Review Courses

Does the engineering of structures fascinate you? Have you always pondered upon their architecture, the engineering behind their construction and the logic behind the choice of materials? You definitely seem to have the right aptitude for becoming a successful structural engineer! Structural engineering is the discipline that focuses on various structures, their building framework, materials used for construction and the forces that act upon the structure. As much as this discipline is interesting, qualifying as a structural engineer is equally challenging.

Completing your under graduation in civil engineering and gaining a minimum of 4 years of relevant work experience is the prerequisite for taking up the SE exam.

Effective Study Plan For The SE Exam

The SE exam tests your competency in practicing structural engineering. It is a 16-hour exam that is divided into vertical forces and lateral forces exam. Before you start preparing for the SE exam, it is better to:

  • Review the SE exam specifications and design standards
  • Know the pattern of the SE exam and pass requirements
  • Gather reference material
  • Understand the scoring and reporting protocols
  • Know the latest SE exam pass rates

Once you gather the above information, you can work out a study plan that covers key theory topics and practice exercises. For convenience of planning, let us divide the study plan into overall planning, daily planning and actual study volumes, as shown in the figure below.
Overall Planning: focuses on the what is to be done between now and the exam date
Daily planning: breaks the overall plan into daily study milestones
Actual Study: the actual volumes that you cover per day

Most of the professionals preparing for the SE exam are tied up with work commitments. The study plan must make allowance for their work schedule as well. Another important part of your study schedule is periodic review of the progress in order to make sure that you are in track.

Enrolling for SE exam review courses is the best way to complement your study plan. The expert guidance from subject matter experts and exhaustive practice resources provided by the review course enables progressive exam preparation. Choosing the right review course and the educator is extremely important. The reputation of the educator and their performance track record needs to be considered before choosing the course. Here are 6 must have features in a SE exam review course:

1) Highly experienced tutors with sound academic and industrial background. Such tutors will know the SE exam in and out and will be able to guide and give timely feedback on your performance in practice tests
2) Exhaustive practice resources that cover the length and breadth of the exam. Practice test papers, question banks, quizzes, handouts and puzzle-based practice resources help engrave exam concepts
3) Calculator usage and basic math training helps you gain expertise in usage of calculator, which saves valuable exam time
4) Seamless connectivity with tutors helps in instant clarification of doubts and queries
5) Transparent fee payment policies ensure security of your investment