How to Study for Structural Engineering Exam?

You might have registered for the SE exam months ago, having decided that this is what you want to kick start your career with. However, most applicants find it difficult to invest their time and energy in studying for the SE Structural Engineering exam. The 16 hour Structural Engineering exam (SE) is undeniably difficult, and the process of learning can drain your energy if you don’t have a proper study plan.

With a flexible and realistic study plan, there is no room for impossibility. Read further to know how to make the best out of the little time you have in your hands:

se-exam-prepHow long should I prepare for the exam?

Truthfully, the amount of time spent on preparing for the Structural Engineering exam (SE) depends on an individual’s ability to grasp the study material. Some may have cracked the exam with preparation done for just two months, while others would have spent six months in their study and research. According to successful examinees, one must invest at least 200 hours to prepare for the SE exam. Do you doubt having 200 hours in your hand? Then worry not, there is always hope. With the study plan briefed below, you can crack this exam like a piece of cake!

1. Collect the Material

When it comes to the requirement of reading materials for the SE Structural engineering examination, we’ve got plenty of them. Check for the highly recommended texts in NCEES website, where you’ll find additional textbooks which are a great tool for enhancing your knowledge of the field. Instead of buying your study material, it is always smarter to borrow it from the ones you know. You can also enroll into reputed SE review courses. Courses by educators like School of PE provide specialized notes that are an excellent study resource.

2. Plan

You have got a handful of material to sift through; it can be difficult to do it all in one go. It is impossible, in other words. Hence, break those huge numbers into chunks and start reading. There are three parts to planning:
• Overall planning
• Daily Planning
• Acting according to the Plan

3. Time it out

Find out how much you have got to study and try to figure out the number of days or months it would take to finish going through all the chapters. If you’ve got a perception that you can study for 18 hours a day in one go, then you must drop the perception. As a human, we can’t stay focused for that long and moreover, it isn’t healthy at all. Make sure to keep your plan realistic

4. Daily Plan

After you jot down your overall plan, plan your daily activities and efforts to cracking the SE Structural engineering exam. Plan how you would spend your morning and nights. Figure out which part of the day works best for you to retain as much information as possible. Make sure that you spend at least an hour or two in studying for the exam every day.

5. Work! Work! Work!

Now that you’ve got it all figured out, it is time to execute the plan. Work your mind and hands according to the needles of the clock. Stick to your plan and be realistic. Engage in relaxation activities now and then. You can’t stay focused for hours, give yourself a break. But never give up your schedule, work hard and it will surely pay off!
Get to your work right away and crack those mighty numbers!


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