Benefits of taking a SE Vertical Forces Course

Do you dream of clearing the SE exam and becoming a Structural Engineer? While some dreams are easily achievable, this is something that’s a bit challenging to accomplish. After clearing the FE exam and the PE exam, you may feel confident that you ace this exam as well. However, the SE exam is unlike any of its counterparts and demands in-depth subject knowledge that can only be acquired through rigorous prep. I made the mistake of taking the SE exam too lightly and failing on my Vertical Forces component.

SE Vertical Force Course

I re-evaluated the situation, corrected the wrongs and on my second attempt I cleared both the components of the SE exam. The one thing that was different the second time was that I opted for a SE Vertical Forces Course.

How did the course help me?
There’s no denying the difficulty level of the SE exam, however, passing it is not impossible. When I failed the vertical forces component on my first attempt, I knew I had to do all it takes to make sure I work on my weaknesses. That’s why I enrolled into a SE Vertical Forces Course by School of PE to gain more exposure and insight into the subject. The organized structure of the course and experienced tutors helped me refine my Vertical forces subject knowledge.

The features of the course
The 60-hour SE Vertical Forces Course by School of PE comprises of 36 hours of refresher classes and 24 hours of workshops. It provides a review of the major topics that will be asked in the SE exam. From Analysis of Structures to Design of Bridges, the course taught me everything I needed to know in the most succinct manner. Some of its highlights are:

Experienced instructors
The instructors of the SE Vertical Forces Course have years of experience in the industry. This can enable SE applicants to gain valuable insight into the SE exam, which in turn reflects on their exam performance.

Specialized hand outs
Rather than wasting time studying countless books, SE Vertical Forces Course provides special notes that provide information in a crisp manner.

Free repeats
Even though you may not need it, in case you fail the SE exam after taking the SE Vertical Forces Course you can opt for a free repeat.

Online option
Your busy professional life may not permit you to travel to an onsite class for SE exam prep. The SE Vertical Forces Course is offered through live online webcasts to make prep easier.

Discussion forum access
This feature allows you to interact with other SE applicants and share valuable wisdom and knowledge with them.

With pass percentages that have been consistently exceeding the national average over the years, the SE Vertical Forces Course is your best bet to passing the SE exam. Courses by Kaplan or PPI are also worth considering.